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Spice up your stay-at-home tenure with minimalist designs

With the raging pandemic and the inability of people to step out of their homes, there has

been an increasing demand for well-spaced, cosy interiors. If you are an ardent fan of Mary

Kondo, you have come to the right place.

For decades, minimalism has received both praise and backlash and has equally won over

both admirers and critics. With Gen Y and Gen Z adopting faster, portable techniques of

living, minimalist designs are on top of their bucket list and ours as well. With a touch of

elegance and style, minimalism can bring a sense of warmth to your interiors and provide

calm, welcoming atmosphere which makes you feel at home. This can improve your mental

health drastically.

If you are someone who finds the lives of minimalists to be boring and painful, you might

not be right. On the surface, minimalism seems to have a bland effect on individuals, while

on a deeper level; it can be very interesting and leave a lot of room for experimentation.

While minimalism can be admirable or incorrigible, it definitely cannot be considered as

boring or distasteful; and surely, it isn’t going out of trend anytime soon.

Loomsline’s range of curtains in subtle, neutral shades, bring in an elegant, yet luxurious

touch, whilst retaining the minimalist effect.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore and shop all that you need.

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